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Superior Quality Lashes that really last up to 20 wears!

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Validation not required,  be in control. Our mission at First Class Beauty Company is to help you feel the best you!

We have taken all of your needs and wants into consideration and curated the best products for our consumers.  All products are 100% Cruelty-Free, Fuss-Free and Completely Waterproof.

Need help finding a product? Reach out to us for 24 hour support and one of our beauty techs will assist you.

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Each Lash Comes In It's Own Travel Case
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No Prostaglandins, Toxins or Carcinogens
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Natural beauty is within and we are here to make it surface! We will provide the complete Beauty package in one destination. Take us on your journey.

Customer Satisfactions

The lashes were incredibly easy to put on an the glue stayed all night!

Jessie Lafay

I loveeee First Class Beauty Co I literally spent so much money on lash extensions and stuff like that before I used your products. These are actually amazing.

Lacey Thomas

I could never do my own winged liner before this winged eyeliner stamp! Now it's amazing!

Monica Reid