Our Mission- We Make Makeup Easy

Makeup doesn't need to be complicated- we are here to eliminate the makeup challenges you face daily. 

 Our core mission is to share our passion for makeup- with users of any skill level. We aim to empower women by helping them present themselves as fearlessly and fabulous as they want with our makeup that requires minimal time, experience, and effort. We eliminate the makeup challenges women face daily by listening closely to the needs and wants of people everywhere to curate superior-quality products with advanced formulas. 

 Our Founder, Mindy Louu, is a Medical Aesthetician and Freelance Makeup Artist who uses our products on herself and her clients. Mindy listens closely to the feedback from her clients, Cosmetic Professionals, Forums, Facebook Groups, Reddit Chats- you name it. Mindy spends time getting to know our customers- people.

mindy louu makeup artist and founder of first class beauty co makeup
Mindy Louu, Founder
"When you find challenges that people are encountering with makeup- you find a product. When you make a product that fixes the challenge, you bring enjoyment back to makeup application." - Mindy Louu 

 Every one of First Class Beauty Co's products has its purpose, and they all started by addressing a problem you've addressed! You are the reason we make our products, and your feedback benefits everyone.

 "Taking away makeup challenges leads to a better makeup experience, allowing people to feel more confident with their makeup application, providing creative freedom to express themselves how they choose." - Mindy Louu

 Our makeup is waterproof, long-lasting, responsibly sourced, and cruelty-free. That's crucial to us as animal lovers and environmentalists, and we know it's vital to others who feel similar.

 With friendly and knowledgeable 24-hour online customer service, our highly trained experts are here to help! They can guide you to product recommendations, answer your questions while you're visiting our website, and even give you makeup tips and tricks

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Let's take on the world as the fierce women we are.

Welcome to First Class.

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