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A fun place for all things beauty. Skin care, makeup tutorials, makeup tips and tricks, beauty banter, news about the beauty industry. Come hang out here, learn something new, teach us something new and join in on the discussion. We obviously could talk about how much we love our products all day long, but there is SO MUCH MORE in the beauty industry that we love to talk about and want to share. 

  From the newest beauty and makeup trends, skin concerns and remedies, home DIY's, makeup tricks, and tips... we can go on and on. We want to create a space that can inform you of how to apply certain products, easy ways of applying makeup in general. How do you contour? How to shape perfect eyebrows? How to make your lips look fuller? How to get thicker eyebrows? How do I make my forehead look smaller? Everything and anything is on the table.

 If there is anything specific that you want to learn or know about, please contact us, and we would love to write about it. If you are curious about a topic, we are sure there are many others feeling the same!

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All beauty talk. Let's discuss the most bizarre makeup trends. Are we into them? Every wonder how mink lashes are "cruelty-free"? 10 Makeup Products You Need in Your Makeup Bag and more!

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makeup looks and tutorials

We try different makeup looks, makeup tutorials and give you the best makeup tips and tricks in the game! Ever try putting red lipstick under your eyes?

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red lipstick under eyes for dark circles

bizarre makeup trick

red lipstick under your eyes?

Check out this glam makeup look we did, complete with a video tutorial using red lipstick under our eyes to cover up dark circles. Does this beauty trick really work? Come see!

realy, red lipstick?

How to Use Brow Soap? How to create eyebrows out of nothing?

Click Here to see how we create eyebrows out of nothing using our waterproof eyebrow pencils - complete with waterproof makeup test


see how we use our brow soap kit in this video tutorial. Yay!

eyeshadow tutorial step by step

makeup trick

follow along eyeshadow tutorial

A complete step by step eyeshadow tutorial with a special eyeshadow trick AND we use our brow soap! We have included a video tutorial for you to follow along. Beware, things might get nerdy.

i like nerdy