glam makeup with red lipstick under eyes makeup tutorial

Glam Makeup Look with Red Lipstick Under Eyes!

Tutorial with Makeup Trick for Dark Under-Eye Circles

 These Days Soap is for Eyebrows and Lipstick is for Under Your Eyes.

Don't stop reading- I swear I'm not crazy! This trick WORKS! Yes, this look was done with red lipstick under my eyes and eyebrow soap but just look how it turned out. Trust me now?

glam makeup look using red lipstick under eyes and eyebrow soap

 Believe it or not, red lipstick works terrific for under-eye circles. I have been tired lately! When you're tired, your skin can get dull and dehydrated. This causes hollow areas below your eyes that allow for dark blood vessels and tissue beneath your skin to show through. Yes, this can be fixed with sleep, water, or a  dark circle eye cream but when you need a quick fix for your night out-, grab your red lipstick. 

So what color corrector for dark circles? Well, your dark circle under your eyes are usually blue/green in tone. When you are doing makeup color correcting, you look at the color wheel and use the color on the OPPOSITE side of the color you want to hide. In this case, it is red! Of course, you can't just throw some red lipstick under your eyes and walk out the door. Well, you can... but don't. 

Here is a quick video tutorial of the FULL makeup look, including the red lipstick under my eyes. Make sure you blend the lipstick well and cover with a high coverage foundation, followed by a concealer 1-2 shades lighter than your foundation.  


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The First Class Beauty Co Products Used for this Glam Makeup Look were 

The rest of this Makeup Look was done using the following products in order so you can follow along with this quick makeup tutorial! 

   I hope you all have as much fun watching this tutorial as I did making it. Stay tuned for more to come, as I'm going to be starting to do these regularly. 


See you soon, Gorgeous xo.

first class beauty co makeup looks for beginners and the best eyebrow soap



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