First Class Lash

Faux Mink Eyelashes and Personalized Eyelash Cases

 Which fake eyelashes are the best? Well, First Class Beauty Co has your needs in mind with our custom faux mink eyelashes and personalized eyelash cases. Our high-quality strip lashes are made from premium synthetic fibers that imitate mink hair. Each lash is handmade using a layering process which creates the most natural-looking wispy lashes to 3D volume lashes. All made with a flexible band of soft cotton, making our lashes lighter, thinner and softer. 

  We want to make your lash application as easy as possible. Not everyone knows how to apply fake eyelashes, so we aimed to achieve the most effortless, quickest strip lash application.  When you send us your measurements, we have an expert cut them to size to ensure the most comfortable fit- you'll hardly notice they are on. 

 Each of our faux mink eyelashes comes in a personalized eyelash case with your lashes inside.  The eyelash case is marked with "left" and "right" because our eyes are usually different sizes. Please provide us with your name to personalize your eyelash case.  We built our lash cases to protect, so you can throw your eyelashes in your makeup bag or purse without having them damaged. 

Wouldn't you hate to spend money on faux mink eyelashes that you have to throw out after one use? Our lashes are reusable up to 25 times! These amazing waterproof lashes can get wet and cleaned correctly and maintain their perfect curl.