Faux Mink Eyelashes

Custom Lashes

  See our collection of custom, natural-looking faux mink eyelashes that come in a personalized eyelash case. Carry these lashes around with you everywhere in their lash travel case, and never fear them getting ruined.  We will teach you how to measure your strip lashes, and then we trim them for you, so your custom lashes will be ready for you to glue and get out the door—a very easy way to apply strip lashes with the hard work done for you. 

   Our custom faux mink lashes are waterproof lashes. They maintain their curl when wet so your fake lashes can properly sanitize them, unlike real mink hair. Faux mink eyelashes are made out of premium synthetic fibers that resemble mink hair but are lighter, softer, and more manageable.  Pair our faux mink eyelashes with our waterproof best-winged eyeliner stamp, waterproof eyelash glue, and nothing will get in the way of your fabulous makeup look.  

  If you are looking for the perfect gifts for a makeup lover, our faux mink eyelashes can arrive you untrimmed, and you still have the option to have your eyelash case personalized.