Winged Eyeliner Stamp

Winged Eyeliner Stamp

Winged eyeliner stamp, have you heard of them?  First Class Beauty Co has come out with the ultimate makeup product perfect for all skill levels. 

We know the feeling, the anxiety that creeps up, knowing it's time for your winged eyeliner after nailing the rest of your makeup. The liner is uneven, thicker on one side, lopsided, longer than the other; next thing you know, you have raccoon eyes, and it's time to restart your makeup. Let's avoid this- shall we?

Our winged eyeliner stamp is DUAL ENDED! With a winged stamp on one side and a precision tip on the other, it is the only cosmetic you will need to finish your winged eyeliner. Line up the stamp at the end of your lash line, then use the precision tip to draw across the rest of your lid. 

Is our stamp eyeliner not long enough for you? NO PROBLEM! Use the precision tip and extend the end of the wing. Our tip is so narrow that it's perfect for maintaining a wing that is sharp as a knife! Truly the best eyeliner stamp on the market, and the easiest winged eyeliner. 

Want to know another little AMAZING feature of our winged eyeliner stamp? Just like our eyelash glues- it is COMPLETELY WATERPROOF! Don't worry about being caught in the rain, dancing so hard you sweat; this eyeliner is there to stay—just another one of First Class Beauty Co's products that you can trust. 

What are you waiting for? This winged eyeliner stamp is ESSENTIAL!