Skin Care

 Skin Care Essentials

  Good makeup starts with good skin! Your face is your makeup palette. If you are looking for a flawless, smooth, glowing makeup application, it's vital to have well hydrated, moisturized skin without any debris. Our reusable makeup remover pads work amazingly to remove the debris.

 Cleansing and moisturizing are essential before your makeup application. You want to clean all the debris off your skin and apply a skin barrier (moisturizer) before applying makeup. This routine will help avoid breakouts, leaving no bacteria to harvest between your makeup and your skin.

  Applying makeup on dry skin can cause your makeup to look cakey, dull, and reduce wear time. 

  It is as essential to have a clean, moisturized face before your makeup application as it is to have a clean, moisturized face after wearing your makeup all day.

   Most makeup has oily ingredients, which can clog pores when left for too long. Clogged pores cause blockage of the follicle, trapping sweat, dead skin cells, and sebum. Lack of sebum on the skin's surface allows bacteria to penetrate the follicle, causing inflammation, resulting in breakouts.  Clean off your makeup every day and replenish your skin with a moisturizer appropriate for your skin type.

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