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About Mindy Louu


mindy louu founder of first class beauty co cruelty-free cosmetics company

"Whoever said ‘Beauty is skin deep’ was delusional. 
Genuine, natural, immutable beauty comes from within.
We’re here to help you make yours visible."

With a background in Medical Esthetics, our Founder Mindy Louu, who graduated from Canada's top-rated College of Makeup Art and Design in Torontohas curated the best quality cosmetics and created exclusive formulas that fix common makeup challenges that women encounter daily.

 Mindy says, “Our mission at First Class Beauty Co is to help you appear, outwardly, as breathtakingly bold & beautiful as you feel on the inside.

 "Because whenever you appear in public or private, whether it's via video conferences, travel, wedding, photography, modeling, or your high school prom, you want people to notice and to approve, even to nod their silent assent without knowing it! Nothing makes a woman feel more in control and powerful as knowing all eyes are on you and that you have them willingly in the palm of your hand.

"Our flagship product has been faux mink eyelashes because of their immediate almost mesmerizing impact on observers. Custom-fit and personalized for each of our valued customers, they are incredibly natural-looking, ultra-soft, comfortable, and convenient. They deliver luxurious volume without extra weight. Whether you want them short, long, elegant, or dramatic, there's an option that will work in your world. Our faux mink lashes are super flexible and easy to apply, considering we have done the sizing for you. All you need to do is glue them on with our best-selling lash glue, making them comfortable for all-day wear.

“But we understand that not everyone is a makeup artist, so we cater to individuals at all levels, from beginners to professional runway and magazine models."

“We suggest that beginners try our winged eyeliner stamp. Winged eyeliner is usually a challenge even for pros! Now it’s as easy as stamping the wing on and then using the precision tip to connect to the rest of your eyelid.”  

At First Class Beauty Co, Mindy Louu and her knowledgeable crew provide one-stop shopping and complete beauty packages. And they’re always adding to their cornucopia of cosmetic products as they prove themselves worthy of being included in their carefully chosen lineup of beauty products.

So come on, Beautiful: you’ve found your gateway to glamour and glory. WELCOME!!!

Yours truly, 

Mindy Louu