how to do winged eyeliner with an eyeliner stamp

How to do Winged Eyeliner with an Eyeliner Stamp

Perfect Winged Eyeliner Easily with an Eyeliner Stamp

Yes, We Used Easy and Winged Eyeliner in the Same Title.

 I know winged eyeliner is something that we constantly dread. It's the part of your makeup look that can make it or break it. The risks are high - smudging, overdrawn, over correcting, uneven, and the perpetual raccoon eyes. Once you've finished your eyeshadow masterpiece and make one of these mistakes with your eyeliner, the likelihood of having to start all over is high. *gasp*

 Luckily, First Class Beauty Co has got you covered with the almighty winged eyeliner stamp! Dual-ended, waterproof, cruelty-free, smudge-proof, sweatproof, the top of the food chain for makeup products. 

 Use the felt precision tip to draw across your eye line as thick or as thin as you like, and then use the stamp to stamp your wing on the outer corner of your eye. It takes away the need to draw the angled triangle or "wing" freehand. 

 Depending on the color you like, the winged eyeliner stamp comes in Black or Dark Brown. We love seeing our Dark Brown Waterproof Eyeliner on Blue Eyes, but it compliments every eye color stunningly.

 Luckily, Sarah Webster has done a full review and winged eyeliner tutorial using our Dark Brown Waterproof Eyeliner. She shows you how easy it is to apply, what it looks like and does a fun test to show you how smudge-proof this miracle makeup is. 

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