custom lashes and personalized eyelash cases by first class beauty co

New Custom Lashes and Personalized Eyelash Cases By First Class Beauty Co

Custom Lashes with Personalized Eyelash Cases


custom fit and personalized false eyelashes by first class beauty co in three easy steps

 It feels great to get out of the house and look and feel your best. Now imagine being able to get out of the house even quicker and feel better than ever with the most effortless makeup application yet. Sitting in front of the mirror getting ready for your outing can be tiresome and take hours. We've all been late a time or two because we smudged our winged eyeliner, got mascara under our eyes or because our false lashes aren't cooperating. We have found the perfect solution to your troubles. First Class Beauty Co is now making the best faux mink eyelashes that are custom-sized. You no longer have to worry about how to cut your strip lashes or go through an agonizing day with uncomfortable lashes due to them being cut incorrectly. These custom lashes arrive custom-made for you in a personalized eyelash case, so all you need to do is glue and go!

 Get your eyes the attention they deserve. It has never been so easy. When you have correctly cut and sized lashes, they sit comfortably on your eyes and do not poke into the corners of your eyes, leading to tears. You know you are wearing correctly sized lashes when you hardly notice they are on. It's not uncommon for the left and right eye to be a different size. This is why First Class Beauty Co's personalized eyelash cases have the "left" and "right" eye indicated on the inside of the case, so you know which lash is measured for which eye. The case also gives your faux mink eyelashes a safe home between uses. The eyelash cases are made sturdy, so they can be thrown in your makeup bag without being ruined. Correctly cared for faux mink eyelashes can be worn up to 25 times!

 You have the option to personalize your eyelash case with your name written on them, but it doesn't have to be your name. A personalized eyelash case makes such a cute gift for a makeup lover!

Once again, First Class Beauty Co has found a way to eliminate a makeup challenge with the easiest lash application. Don't purchase lashes that are "one size fits all" when everyone's eye size is different. Make a move now. Get those custom lashes from First Class Beauty Co and turn heads with your beauty comfortably.

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    I am obsessed with these lashes and such cute unique case!

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