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The Best Fake Eyelashes

Best fake eyelashes that are 100% cruelty-free! First Class Beauty Co's high-end faux mink eyelashes come in unique tin carrying cases to make sure you get the most amount of uses out of your false eyelashes. 

What makes these the best fake eyelashes? 

1. Flexible Band

Our flexible band is made out of the same high-end materials that our lashes are made out of, making the band super flexible, light-weight and high quality

2. 15-20 Uses

Wouldn't you hate to spend money on a product that you have to throw out after one use? Our lashes get 15-20 USES! They can get wet and still maintain the exact same shape, so you can wear them over and over and make sure they are properly sanitized in between uses.

3. Vegan

All of our faux mink eyelashes are 100% Vegan - this on its own make these the best fake eyelashes. 

4. Variety

We have a lash for every eye shape. First Class Beauty Co realizes that one style of lash wont suit every person, so we have a wide variety for every one of our customers. 

5. Carrying Case

Each one of our false lashes come with its own hard carrying case. Perfect to store your lashes in between uses. You can now throw your lashes in your purse or makeup bag without fearing them getting ruined.

Still questioning whether or not these are the best fake eyelashes? Purchase them and try them out! Satisfaction guaranteed. 

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11 products