First Class Lash

The Best Fake Eyelashes

 First Class Beauty Co has the best fake eyelashes. All of our strip lashes are handmade to perfection. Eyelash application has never been so easy with our customized sizing tailored to your eye shape. Glue the lash on and leave the rest to us. If you are buying the lash as a gift, don't worry, no customization needed! Every single hair is singly layered to create the most luxurious, elaborate false eyelashes. Our false lashes go through a thorough sanitization method and inspection before being carefully packaged and sent to our valued customers.  

Custom Sizing - A First Class Fit

  We want to make your false eyelash experience as luxurious as if you were getting fitted for a wedding gown. You can keep these lashes for a while due to their high quality, so why not have them custom-tailored to your eye shape, providing the most comfortable lash fit. We have trained professional makeup artists cutting the lashes to give you the desired effect without harming the lash style. Send us your measurements, and we will do all the work for you. We know not everyone is the same, so why should your lashes be? Get A First Class Fit.

Personalized Case

 Each one of our false lashes comes in an eyelash travel case with your custom cut strip lashes carefully placed inside. Our case comes personalized with your name on it; you deserve it; it's yours- your little case of luxury. We made the travel case out of metal, so you can now throw your eyelashes in your purse or makeup bag without fear of them getting ruined.

High Quality

 All of our faux mink eyelashes are made of premium synthetic fibres to imitate real mink hair. They are incredibly soft, as your natural lashes are making them blend and appear more natural. The end of the hair is processed to a point to avoid blunt ends. Each lash is handmade, ensuring that the utmost attention to detail is had to each of our faux mink lashes while using a 3D layered effect. Complete with a flexible band made out of soft cotton, which means it's lighter, thinner and softer. 

15-20 Uses

Wouldn't you hate to spend money on false eyelashes that you have to throw out after one use? Our false eyelashes get 20-25 uses! Our faux mink eyelashes can get wet and still maintain their perfect curl. You can wear these strip lashes over and over, making sure they are correctly sanitized in between uses.


  All of our faux mink eyelashes are made of premium synthetic fibre, which is made to imitate real mink hair. Unlike real mink hair, our vegan fibres can get wet and adequately sanitized between uses. Lash extensions harbour extra bacteria, increasing the risk of lid infections like styes and eye infections like bacterial conjunctivitis, commonly known as pink eye. Our vegan lashes keep your eyes safe and bacteria-free—just another reason to shop cruelty-free, vegan lashes.

Which fake eyelashes are the best? Try our First Class Lash once, and you will find out. Satisfaction guaranteed.