First Class Lips

Reshape, Resize or Balance Your Lips 

  Uneven lips? Dry lips? Where there is a problem, there is always a solution. Try our lip makeup for all your lip problems. 

   With 11 different colors of lip pencils, there is a lip color to go with every makeup look you can think of. Switch up your looks with a bold faux mink eyelash like Juneau, and pair it with Sojourner, a light soft pink lip pencil to balance the overall look.  OR, try a light eye makeup look with China, a natural, wispy lash paired with Elizabeth, a dark plum.  Endless makeup pairings to have fun with.

   Makeup Tip: If you are after fuller lips, lightly trace the outside of your lips to make your lips appear larger.  If your lips are uneven, draw the lip line higher on the side that is lower to even them out.  Makeup is Magic.