eyeshadow tutorial with a makeup trick

Eyeshadow Tutorial With a Makeup Trick!

Eyeshadow Trick For Frosted Eyeshadow

Setting Spray on Your Makeup Brush Before Your Eyeshadow

 Sometimes the simplest tricks are the ones that give the most impact. Spray your eyeshadow brush with your favorite setting spray before putting your makeup brush on the eyeshadow palette, and it provides a wet sheen that LASTS. 

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 Our trick provides two things:

1. Setting spray is meant to make your makeup STAY so you can imagine the impact it has when mixing it in with your eyeshadow.

2. Gives you the ULTIMATE SHINE from your shadow

If you are like me and cannot get enough shine, whether it comes to highlighter, shimmer shadows, or gloss (I also use this trick with some of my highlighters but let's talk about that another day). The setting spray maximizes the pigment and blows you away. 

Have you seen the makeup trick turning eyeshadow into eyeliner with water and a slanted makeup brush? If not, lucky me, I get another tutorial to show you! The idea is to wet the makeup brush and turn the powder into a cream consistency which allows you to glide it on as an eyeliner. That's a great start, but water and powder aren't necessarily going to bind to your skin without using isopropyl alcohol or polymers. Unless you are using Baked Eyeshadow (eyeshadow that starts as a liquid then baked down to a solid resulting in fewer ingredients with a higher concentration of pigment). 

 We've one-upped the water and replaced it with a Setting Spray that is made to stay, and instead of using it just for eyeliner, we are using it across our whole lid! Genius. I know.  


 For makeup to be long-lasting, the amount of oil in the product has to be minimal, focusing more on water and polymers, making them more drying and more able to attach to the skin. Water mixed with polymer-less eyeshadow is no match for the oil your skin secretes naturally; this is why we use a setting spray with polymers.


In all of your long-lasting makeup, you will find a blend of polymers. They often have a bad name and are referred to as "plastic in your makeup," but there are so many different kinds of polymers! There is an excellent article on how widely polymers are used and the types there are here.  

Okay, so you probably just came here for the makeup tutorial, but I went all science on you.

Here is the video of the eyeshadow tutorial! Below are step-by-step instructions, INCLUDING a product list! 

Eyeshadow Look Using the Natasha Denona "Peak" Eyeshadow Palette.

My favorite setting spray was used for this trick by Ciate London Everyday Vacay Setting Spray. 

 Here are the step-by-step eyeshadow instructions! (Face makeup and brows already completed using First Class Beauty Co eyebrow soap and medium brown eyebrow pencil)

1. Cover the entire eyelid from upper lashline to brow bone with "Aya."

2. Extend the end of the eye upward with "Thorn," creating a rough wing, not extending past the end of your eyebrow

3. Fill your crease with "Amhara," starting at the end of our winged shadow, and blend well

4. Use "Amhara" to line the lower eyelid with a fluffy brush, avoiding harsh lines and blending well

5. Using a denser brush, apply "Jasper" to the outer corner of your eyelid, blending in slightly with "Amhara," but making sure to keep the most amount of concentration on your eyelid; not going too far above your crease when blending.

6. Spray "everyday vacay" setting spray on a dense eyeshadow brush (I love the coconut smell)

7. Apply "Shine" (while the brush is still wet) starting at your inner eyelid, blending just past the middle of your eyelid and not far above your crease

7. Use the First Class Beauty Co waterproof winged eyeliner stamp to stamp the winged eyeliner, then follow with the precision tip across the entire upper lash line

8. Use a flat brush and apply "Thorn" from the middle of the lower lash line out into the winged eyeliner. (blend so there is no harsh line in the middle of the lower lash line)

9. Apply First Class Beauty Co Waterproof Eyelash Glue and Faux Mink Eyelashes in "Chicago."

VOILA! Eyes are Done.

Polish off with the Persona Cosmetics lip gloss in Toffee!

I hope you enjoyed my eyeshadow tutorial and fun little science lesson! Thank you for watching and reading. I'll be back with more! If there are any tutorials you want to see - please drop them in the comments section below!


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