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Make-Up Tricks For Under Your Mask

How To Keep Your Make-Up On Under Your Mask

 Remember when COVID-19 was first announced, and they slowly started enforcing masks to be worn in public internationally. It was and still is a scary time for all of us, and yes, there are far more significant issues to be worried about right now, but I can help with the small one. What do I do about my makeup? 

There were two options for me when I was leaving the house. Do I only do the top half of my face and leave the bottom of my face bare to avoid skin problems? I'd make sure that whatever I do, DO NOT remove my mask to prevent a sharp line of bare and full glam makeup. OR I could do my full face of makeup, pray I don't break out and have the option to take a sip of water without exposing my makeup-less bottom half. If I still wanted to have a drink or eat with friends, my only option was to do a full face of makeup. So how was I going to do this? The condensation built up in my mask was surely going to remove or streak my makeup, and was my lipstick going to be smeared across my face when I take it off? 

Let's go through some makeup tips. 

keep your makeup minimal

Depending on your outing, sometimes a simple BB Cream is all you need with concealer to tap on problem spots. That way, if any makeup does rub off, it won't be that drastic of a change. Translucent loose powder (your best friend, trust me) dabbed on oily areas (around your nose), and your problem spots will ensure that the concealer and product will stay put under your mask.

dont be scared to rock a bold eyeshadow

 These masks cover up so much that it's hard for you to express yourself. Facial expressions aren't the same, nor are your artistic flairs in your makeup. So let's use what we have- our eyes and brows. Try a fun colour, a dramatic wing or add some lashes to draw extra attention to your eyes. Maybe try a bolder or feathered brow?

tricks for full glam makeup under a mask covid19

Those times that you do have to dress up with full glam makeup, perhaps going to a wedding or a date (are people still going on those?) Loose powder is necessary to keep your cream foundations on your face and not transferred off onto your mask. Instead of doing a light brush of powder, try dabbing your loose powder on with your beauty blender and letting it sit for a little bit before brushing off the excess with a broad fluffy brush. This trick will give it some time to soak up the moisture in your makeup, and it's easier for two dry surfaces to not rub off than a wet one (your face) and a dry one (your mask). Some people like to use a setting spray, but I still recommend applying a light brush of loose, translucent powder over the setting spray to get rid of any "stick" left on your face. 

keeping your lipstick in place under your mask covid19

This trick can be applied while wearing a mask or not. Even the "stay all day" lipsticks can have their weaknesses. After using your lipstick:

  1. Bite on tissue with your lips lightly to take off the excess product.
  2. Apply loose powder on top of your lipstick.
  3. Repeat this step.

This process will help your lipstick from transferring to your mask or any part of your face that isn't your mask. You can apply this trick even after the "mask-era" ends and is especially useful when going for dinner and drinks to avoid reapplications throughout the night.  Check out our First Class Lips to use with this process. 

   skin care for wearing masks and makeup during covid19

When you get home, take off your makeup and let your skin reset. Having makeup on and a mask is an excellent way to break out, and unfortunately, this is a risk that you take every time you wear makeup and a mask. Refer to my last blog about a skincare routine and be sure to use this daily for optimal skin health. 

  cleaning your makeup brushes

I don't think I can stress enough how important it is to have clean brushes, mask or not. When you use dirty brushes to apply your makeup, you are transferring bacteria onto your skin. Putting a mask on top of this gives the bacteria a moist, breeding ground right on your skin, which will lead to breakouts. Use a brush cleaner and give your brushes an extensive soak MINIMUM once a week. Inbetween big brush cleanups, I use 70% isopropyl alcohol on my brushes and wipe them on a paper towel for a quick disinfectant. Although this is a quick fix, still do the weekly soak as the product can get deep in the bristles.

Have any other tricks that you use? We would love to hear them!
Any questions? We would love to listen to those too!
Feel free to comment in the comments section below, and a beauty tech can help. 

Stay safe, First Class Babes. Wear your masks; we can all get through this tough time together. 


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