First Class Lips

Ultra-Moisturizing Lip Liners

They're creamy, they're dreamy and they are the only lip product you need. Introducing First Class Beauty Co's newest product line - First Class Lip- "Not Just A Liner". 

Our lip liners glide on like a dream and contain moisturizing ingredients so your lips stay hydrated, smooth and luscious.  Whether you need to resize, balance, reshape or just want a kick of colour, this is the product for you.

Aren't you sick of having to buy two products for your lips to achieve one colour? Because of the creaminess of this liner, there is no longer a need to try and find "the perfect match" of lipstick. Our liners are all you need. If you are one that likes a darker lip line, try adding a lighter liner in the middle! Our liners blend seamlessly and last for hours.

Like all of First Class Beauty Co's cosmetics, our lip liners are 100% Cruelty-Free, Vegan products. 

Our liners are named after some of the most courageous, powerful, influential women in the world. That is how we want you to feel when wearing our lip liners. We want you to be reminded that you are strong, courageous and can achieve anything. 

11 products

11 products