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Soap Brows- What Is it? How Do I use Eyebrow Soap?

Soap Brows- The Transformational Makeup Product

Different Ways to Use Eyebrow Soap, and Where it Came From

 By now, I think everyone has heard the term "soap brows" or "eyebrow soap." For the makeup addicts, we know exactly what it is. Others out there are wondering why our eyebrows need their own soap.

 For those wondering, "What is eyebrow soap?"- eyebrow soap or "eyebrow styling soap" is a clear makeup product used for your eyebrows. When applied with water, the brow soap turns into a clear gel consistency.  

Why is it called Eyebrow Soap? Back before cosmetic companies jumped on the trend to make this fantastic makeup product, people were after a full, fluffy brow with maximum hold. The only product that was doing it for them and available at that time was a literal bar of soap. That's right- specifically, Pears Glycerin Soap. 

 The brow soap trend started and went viral in 2018 with Rihanna's makeup artist, Priscilla Ono, and then really took off over TikTok in 2020. Many people don't know that using a bar of soap for eyebrows originated in the mid-1950s, an era full of arched and brushed eyebrows. The woman who didn't want a fully painted face but a more natural look brushed their brows with a little bit of soap to keep them groomed but a little bit darker than dry brows. From here, fuller eyebrows died down until the 1980s with a LOUD comeback and made up for the 30 years they went into hiding. Take this picture of Madonna, for instance. 

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 So what does Eyebrow Soap do? Eyebrow Soap fluffs up your eyebrows and gives you maximum hold that can last all day. The brow soap coats each eyebrow hair with glycerin, making it thicker before drying it into place.

 Can I use a bar of soap instead of eyebrow styling soap? You could; Drag Queens did it for years and still do- however, there are some problems you could face. If you use too much water on the bar of soap, you will get suds, and it will make your brows white. The soap also can sweat down throughout the day into your eyes (ouch). Lots of soap has a very high PH Level which can cause a lot of irritation if left on the skin. If you have sparse eyebrows, this will slow down your hair growth and result in hair loss. Definitely not something that you would want to use every day. Another option is eyebrow gel, but they are water-based. With sweat and humidity, the hold factor becomes weakened but it is still an option for anyone wanting a light hold.

 Eyebrow Soap, the one made specifically for Soap Brows, not showers, is thicker than gels and pomades, is non-irritating, and is made to last on your skin. Some makeup artists prefer to use eyebrow soap on medium to full eyebrows to shape them and hold them into place. Other makeup artists working with fine brows and like a subtle change will use eyebrow soap to thicken up what's there for a subtle effect that is not overpowering. If you pair brow soap with an eyebrow pencil, your eyebrows are almost limitless. A waterproof eyebrow pencil is recommended; otherwise, the water mixed with the eyebrow soap will erase some color intensity.

 So how do I use Eyebrow Soap? Mist a spoolie brush with water, rub it on the eyebrow soap and brush up and through your eyebrows. You can backcomb it in to ensure every side is covered, with the final brush up, over, and down. Be sure not to go too crazy with the soap on the first pass. You will get the best results if you apply the soap in thin layers and build it up.

 What is another way to use eyebrow soap? EYEBROW LAMINATION! Yes, this can be done with brow soap! Just follow the eyebrow soap instructions, but the final step is to use your fingers to push your soap-covered brows up and into your skin. This will lay your brows flat against the surface of your skin and leave them there. Eyebrow Soap is a great and cost-effective alternative to getting your eyebrows professionally laminated. It's also great for someone that likes to switch up their look day-to-day.

 Eyebrow Soap is definitely a makeup product worth trying that we don't see going out of style anytime soon. Whether you want thinner or thicker brows, the eyebrow soap will still have its use to hold them in place. The only reason we can see you not needing eyebrow soap in your makeup bag is if the next makeup trend is shaving your eyebrow off.

 You can check out this quick tutorial of First Class Beauty Co's Eyebrow Soap, what it looks like, and how to get a laminated eyebrow using Brow Soap.

What do you think of this trend? Have you given it a whirl? Let us know your thoughts and if you have any questions. We would love to help. 

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