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  All of First Class Beauty Co's makeup favorites in one place! Are you having a rough time perfecting your winged eyeliner? We have a winged eyeliner stamp for that. Do you find fake eyelashes uncomfortable? Try our custom false lashes. Are your eyebrows becoming sparse or unruly? Check out our eyebrow pencils paired with our infamous eyebrow soap. ALSO, our very, very special brand new "I Pink I Love You" Waterproof Eyeshadow.

What makes these the top makeup products?  Well, think of everything you would want in a relationship: Trust, quality, and dependability. First Class Beauty Co has you covered. 

First Class Beauty Co has done our research and listened to clients' feedback of the problems they face in makeup application and flaws they have come across in cosmetics. We pay close attention to every detail of production and make sure our makeup is the best in their class. Not only do we have our customer's needs in mind, we care for the animals too.  First Class Beauty Co is against testing on animals and all of our makeup is cruelty-free.

Are you not a makeup user yourself? The good thing about our cosmetics is they are easily giftable to friends, loved ones, bachelorette parties, wedding parties-  you get the idea! Our adorable packaging makes our products a makeup lover's favorite. Unsure of their color or style? Check out our brand new GIFT CARDS

But why are you listening to me - why don't you try these out for yourself. Satisfaction is guaranteed - see for yourself why these are the top makeup products and favorites amongst makeup lovers and professional makeup artists.