Eyelash Glue

Eyelash Glue

Eyelash glue is a must-have for any strip lash or individual lash making it a necessity in any makeup bag. Why not make sure that you choose the right one, our best eyelash glue that you can trust!

Our eyelash glues come in two colours, black and white (clear), because we understand different looks require different needs.  

Use our black eyelash glue when you are using a black liner for a seamless blend from your lashes to your liner. 

Our white eyelash glue is perfect to pair with a natural lash and no liner. Our white glue dries completely clear, so there is no evidence of any false lashes or adhesive. 

What makes our eyelash glue even better? IT'S WATERPROOF!  Our worst nightmare is being caught in the rain wearing eyelashes, and then the next thing you know, your eyelash turns into a moustache!

The hard thing about most eyelash glues that have the same "Stay all-day power" that ours do is the damage they create on your natural lashes when it's time to peel them off. Our lash glue stays flexible instead of hardening and fastening onto your natural lashes, allowing them to peel right off your natural lashes, leaving no damage whatsoever. 

First Class Beauty Co knows all the problems that most eyelash glues have, so we have truly created the perfect product addressing all of the problems to create THE BEST eyelash glue.

Trust in our eyelash glue as much as we trust that you will love this product.