Our Mission

Help you appear, outwardly, as breathtakingly bold & beautiful as you feel on the inside. 

We do this by eliminating the makeup challenges you face daily.

 Our core mission is two-fold: earning your trust by being accountable to you and testing our products' reliability and durability. We also strive to provide competitively priced products and to maintain our exceptional customer service record.

Our Founder, Mindy Louu, is a businesswoman who uses our products herself. She also listens closely to feedback from her clients. As a result, she has curated superior-quality products and advanced formulas to address common makeup challenges that women deal with daily.

Our products are long-lasting, multiple-use, waterproof, responsibly sourced and cruelty-free. That's crucial to us as animal lovers and environmentalists, and we know it's vital to others who feel similarly about our planet and its non-human inhabitants. 

We aim to empower women by helping them present themselves as fearlessly and forcefully as they want to the world. Sometimes all it takes is a red lip to make women feel ready to dictate the outcome of their next encounter.

With friendly, knowledgeable, 24-hour online customer service, our highly trained experts can guide you to product recommendations, makeup tips and tricks, and even answer your questions while you're visiting our website.

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