How to Use Eyeshadow

 An Easy Way to Use Eyeshadow

Apply the eyeshadow using your favorite makeup brushes. The denser the makeup brush, the more concentrated the color will be. For an eyeshadow boost and flawless application, apply "Limitless," our eyeshadow primer, on your eyelid before any color application. 

"Limitless" can also be used for cut crease eyeshadow looks. Apply an eyeshadow shade to your crease, then use a dense eyeshadow brush and apply "Limitless" from your lash line to your crease. From here, you have the option to apply any color on top, depending on your makeup look.

Try this eyeshadow pairing for a natural eyeshadow look:

Arch: "Pure Nude"
Crease: "Give Me Mocha"
Inner Lid: "Marigold"
Outer Crease/Corner: "Chocolate Martini"