Eyeshadow Color Handbook

How to Use The Eyeshadow Colors

Be creative with your eyeshadow looks! Placement is all about preference, but if you are new to eyeshadow application, here is a general guide for you to start and feel comfortable before you dive into the abyss of endless eyeshadow look possibilities. 

Eyeshadow Name  Finish  Color  Makeup Look Placement
Pure Nude Matte Beige Natural Brow Bone, Entire Lid, Lid
Champagne Metallic Gold Glam Lid, Crease
Himalayan Orange Matte Orange Natural, Glam Lid, Crease, Lash Line
Pop of Copper Metallic Copper Glam Lid, Crease
Give Me Mocha Matte Brown Natural Entire Lid, Lid, Crease, Lash Line
Pinwheel Galaxy Shimmer Purple Glam Lid, Crease
Punch Pink Matte Dark Pink Creative, Glam Lid, Crease, Lash Line
Marigold Shimmer Orange Natural, Glam Lid, Crease, Tear Duct
Terra Cotta Metallic Bronze Glam Lid, Crease
Tenderly Light Matte Pink Natural, Glam Lid, Crease
Steam Punk Glitter Pink/Green Creative, Glam Lid, Tear Duct
Latte Please Matte Mauve Natural, Glam Lid, Crease, Lash Line
Limitless Primer Beige Natural, Glam, Creative Entire Lid, Cut Crease, Brow Bone
Sparkling Rose Glitter Red Glam, Creative Lid, Tear Duct
Chocolate Martini Matte Brown Natural, Glam Lid, Crease, Lash Line
Lavender Field Matte Purple Glam, Creative Lid, Crease, Lash Line