quick and easy wavy hairstyle tutorial

Quick and Easy Wavy Hairstyle Tutorial

All You Need is Ten Minutes and 3 Products for this Wavy Hairstyle!

Wavy Hairstyle Video Tutorial

Our favorite thing about this wavy hairstyle is it only takes ten minutes, three products, and lasts four days! The longest part of the process (not included in the ten minutes) is while you wait for your hair to cool down to room temperature. The cool-down time is not counted towards the ten minutes of hairstyling time because this is when our makeup and housework get done!

What You'll Need:

  • Hair Curling Wand
  • Hair Clips (Duck Bill or Bobby Pins)
  • Hair Brush


  • Hair Serum


 This hairstyle does not use any hairspray and holds waves for four days. Hairspray can be damaging and drying to your hair due to the alcohol content. We love ways to style our hair that will last for days, reducing heat damage with minimal amounts of product. 

 How do you get your hair to hold a curl? The trick here is to curl and pin the hair up while it is still hot. You need your hair to cool down to room temperature while holding the shape you want it to stay. When you curl your hair and place it down without holding it up, it gets weighed down and already starts becoming flat. 

Try this glamorous hairstyle by turning the curls in different ways on the curling wand and use our brow soap for a natural, beachy look. For more of a glamorous look, pair it with our "I Pink I Love You" Eyeshadow Palette  and add some shimmer to your eyes!

I hope this tutorial helps you out! Everyone loves good makeup, and good makeup loves good hair to accompany it! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to message us or comment below! We would love to help. 
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