graphic eyeliner how to keep your eyeliner symmetrical

Graphic Eyeliner- How To You Keep Your Eyeliner Even

How to Keep Your Graphic Eyeliner Even and Precise

Practice, Patience and a Precision Tip Eyeliner is A Must

  Are you tired of the same ol' winged eyeliner? Get creative! Check out this graphic eyeliner look for some inspiration.

graphic eyeliner look with precision tip eyeliner  

It looks complicated, but its a super fun look you can do with our Winged Eyeliner Stamp. Flip our winged eyeliner stamp around and try out the precision tip when you are feeling adventurous!

the best winged eyeliner stamp with precision tip

Makeup Tip: Keep your hand steady- this eyeliner look is all about symmetry. If one eye is different than the other, it can change the look of your entire face. If your eyeliner is asymmetrical, your eyes can look different sizes, which might work picking up the guy at the bar ("she keeps winking at me") or can make one side of your face appear more lifted than the other.

  For this look, I would start with the wing on each eye, make sure those are symmetrical, add the inner corners, check for symmetry, and then build from that base, following the crease to connect the lines. 

  Some people like to complete one full eye then move to the other, but we prefer to keep it simple by going back and forth from each eye, making sure every step is symmetrical along the way.

  Because of how fast-drying, waterproof, and smudge-proof our eyeliner is, there is not much room for error- baby steps, people!

  Graphic eyeliner requires patience, practice, and most of all, an excellent waterproof precision tip eyeliner. You need small, precise lines that aren't going to smudge throughout the night.

Show us your graphic eyeliner makeup looks!

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