The Story Behind First Class Beauty Co

The Story Behind First Class Beauty Co

How It All Began

 Companies don't just start out of thin air; there's always a reason, an idea, or motive behind them. Why is someone dedicating endless hours of their life turning what started as a thought into a company?  Did they google "easy ways to make money"? Perhaps they see a problem in the world and have a solution? Why are they taking a considerable risk of failing, losing money and losing out on other opportunities? Why do they believe in this company so strongly? Behind every company, there is a story, and we will tell you ours.  

 Our Founder Mindy Louu was just finishing up her diploma at Canada's Top Make-Up Artistry and Design Academy for Hairstyling, Fashion, Theatre, Film, Special Effects and Creature Design (from glam to gory!). She was so excited to start working on film sets for SFX makeup, but the timing could not have been worse. COVID19 hit and hit hard. The world was put on halt, Toronto was on complete lockdown.

  From here, she, for one, needed a job. Secondly, she wanted to remain involved in the makeup community as much as possible while following restrictions and unfortunately having to eliminate face-to-face appointments with her clients (which she misses dearly).

  Alas, the idea of First Class Beauty Co came to fruition. Mindy Louu created a makeup line to share her makeup passion with everyone. From mothers always on the go, beginners learning how to apply makeup for the first time, or expertly trained MUA's that want to provide high-quality, long-lasting cosmetics to their clients with top-notch performance.

 Now, anyone can have an effortless yet gorgeous makeup application at home completely fuss-free. Fuss-free wasn't the only thing necessary. Mindy is a huge animal lover and would never dream of having a cosmetic line tested on animals, so cruelty-free cosmetics was a must.

  Before Mindy became a makeup artist, she was a Medical Esthetician. All of First Class Beauty Co products have been made with her knowledge in the two career fields. Makeup and skincare, the best of both worlds to ensure top quality cosmetics that work.

  Makeup Artistry gave her the ability to know the colours and application consumers longed for in cosmetics, while her skincare background gave her the knowledge of the ingredients that SHOULD BE and SHOULD NOT BE in cosmetics to ensure high-quality products and optimal performance.

  Mindy Louu has taken all of her client's feedback, needs and wants over the last ten years in the industry and addressed these issues in her pride and joy, which can now be shared with you- First Class Beauty Co.

"When you have products that you love and enjoy yourself, how could you not believe in your company? First Class Beauty Co didn't stem from needing money or having a solution to world problems. It began from passion. A passion for the beauty industry and wanting to share that with the world.  I want to give everyone the ability to use, love and learn cosmetics the same way I did. " - Mindy Louu


first class beauty co how it all began cruelty-free cosmetics and a passion for makeup


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