First Class Beauty Co is Giving 5$ Off any Purchase with Proof of Receipt from an Ontario Small Business | First Class Beauty Co

First Class Beauty Co is Giving 5$ Off any Purchase with Proof of Receipt from an Ontario Small Business

Let's All Shop Small, Shop Local This Holiday Season

 I grew up in a small town north of Toronto and saw firsthand how much blood, sweat, and tears go into opening these small businesses. Some are using their life savings to start their business and strongly believing in their idea. They depend and trust in their hometown for support to help them survive, grow, and flourish. What no one would expect to come is COVID19 and the government forcing them to lockdown while still being expected to pay their rent, hydro, bills, provide for their family, and the list goes on.

  Now, what comes next? COVID19 was a global battle that provoked urgent measures in combating the strange virus. Global business owners were forced to shut down their businesses or hope the lockdown wouldn't be enforced long and keep their closed business. Some businesses were temporarily closed, while some were permanently closed; this left many business owners with no option but to lay off many employees. It was massive and shocking, both economically and individually.

  Worse still, there was no alternative since COVID-19 was an issue of life and death. The rising daily figures of deaths was terrifying enough for anyone to keep safe. COVID-19 was indeed no respecter of persons, class, or profession.
What started like a child's play gradually grew to last for over six months. Business owners could not predict precisely when the lockdown would end. It was all hope and belief. Many were penalized for having to terminate their lease early, see all of their work, memories made over the years go to nothing because they do not have the proper support to help them put food on the table.

  Although the lockdown effect of COVID-19 was negative and universal, what we cannot deny, debate, or refute is that the impact was not wholly negative and widespread. Its effect varied with industry. Some industries were grossly affected negatively, while others saw a spontaneous spike in patronage, income, and revenue. While some sectors experienced financial hardship, others experienced an economic boom, for example, the Food industry, entertainment industry, online shopping (e-commerce) industry, fitness industry, courier and logistics services, online education and training services, and the beauty industry.

  Could they ever open the business again? Where would they find the funds after all the debt they have accumulated to shut down? Do they keep their business, go into even more debt, face bankruptcy down the road, and hope they will be allowed to open their doors soon, but never receive a definitive date?

  One thing that we can all do is to urge everyone to shop local, support these small businesses where and when we can, whether it is a curbside pickup or online ordering. As a part of First Class Beauty Co's help to urge people to shop and support locally operating businesses, we are giving $5 off to anyone that emails us with proof of purchase, a receipt from a small Ontario business.

Receipts can be emailed to and we will respond with your $5 off code to use at checkout. 

I truly believe once we get through this, we will come back as an even stronger community with tighter bonds and appreciation for each other than ever before.
Let us all shop small, shop local this Yuletide season, and support in any way we can. We rise by lifting others.


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