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It's Time For Us To Support One Another

 No matter how small the action, your support makes a difference

  Before starting First Class Beauty Co, I never realized all the work and the time needed to create a company; whether it's a product you are selling or a service you are offering, much blood, sweat, and tears have gone into it.

  Creating a company from scratch during a pandemic had its ups and downs. It was helpful that there were no other responsibilities to distract me during a complete lockdown. It was also problematic that I wasn't the only person who thought, "Hey, this may be the time to start something on my own," given the economy's uncertainties.

  Looking back, I thought starting an e-commerce company with absolutely no marketing background or sales background during the most competitive e-commerce market might not have been the best idea I ever had. But here we are, here's this company I started from nothing, from knowing nothing, and I can say it is the most rewarding thing I have done. Downright nerve-wracking starting, not knowing how it is all going to unfold. Have I wasted money when my goal was to create money? It's one of the most significant risks that I had to take.

  I have learned my appreciation for all the support that friends, family, strangers have given and all the difference that it makes. Whether it's a sale, words of encouragement, a like, comment, sharing my business, sharing strategies, all these things come together and not only help grow my company monetarily but give me constant motivation to work harder. It shows that no matter how alone you may feel, there are always people out there rooting for you and wanting you to succeed. There's no price tag on that.

  With all the feels that this has given me, I wanted to do the same for other companies. Restaurants, startups, retailers, and local companies need to come together and support one another. Money isn't an easy thing to make these days for some, so buying a product isn't always an option. But there are SO MANY other ways that we can support one another.

   Every Friday from now on, I will be doing a "Featured Business Friday" on my social media accounts, spreading awareness of other companies. Whether this helps increase sales or helps them see positive comments, I hope to give these companies the same motivation that everyone's support has given me. It's nice knowing you have people on your side, especially during these challenging times.

   I genuinely hope and encourage others to do the same in any way, shape or form they can.

It's time for us to support each other.

Sending nothing but love, 

Mindy Louu

*To be featured on my socials for one of "Featured Business Friday," please email me a blurb about your company, anything you want. For example, how it started, services you offer, how covid has affected you or your business that I can include in the caption. Also, be sure to attach an image (multiple if you like) to include in the post.

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